Bead Mills


Pearl mills with under pressure grinding vessel

The BEAD MILLS in the standard (low viscosity), pressurized (middle viscosity) and high performance (high viscosity) executions are suitable for the continuous grinding of a wide range of products. The different configurations can satisfy all production requirements. The BEAD MILLS in their different executions can meet all the grinding requirements.

Thanks to the outer blades which are close to the tank sidewalls, the product is conveyed towards the tank center, where the rotation of the main section of the mixing blades conveys the product again towards the tank sidewalls; this creates a sort of convective mixing which, without stressing the compound, guarantees in any case the mixing in relatively short times. Main applications are the mixing of TPR, PVC, powders or dry granules but, if necessary, also powders and low viscosity pastes, added with liquid components.

The main construction characteristics are:

  • Interchangeable grinding cylinders with wheels, allowing the quick change of product (MM-MMP)
  • Internal chromium plated liners, easy to be removed for a quick maintenance
  • Cylinders fitted with power-assisted opening (MMHP)
  • Product cooling systems
  • Feeding groups according to the type of product to be processed
  • Capacity continuous control
  • Grinding beads in silica quartzite, zirconium, steel
  • Process parameters control through PLC control system (optional)

ATEX explosion proof EEx-d execution is available for hazardous working areas.

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