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Battaggion S.p.A. was founded in 1918, as a manufacturer of machines for bakery production; nowadays it offers extensive experience in the design and manufacture of single machines as well as equipment for the mixing of products of all physical states. This deep knowledge comes from the experience gained throughout the company history, the close association with our customers and their specific needs.

Battaggion S.p.A. supplies mixers to the Chemical Industry in general, with particular emphasis in the fields of: rubber, silicone compounds, plastics, friction materials, PVC, food, adhesives and sealants, pharmaceuticals, chemicals, etc.

In addition, Battaggion can supply various types of feeding, transporting and discharge plants, in conjunction with the most modern electronic dosing and weighing systems.

At our works in Bergamo, we have an extensively equipped technical laboratory, with testing facilities which are at our Customers’ disposal, providing the opportunity to test product compatibility through our machines as well as product development.
During the last ten years, Battaggion became a group, with the acquisition of the brands Molteni and Valtorta. Nowadays, the collaboration and the experience exchanged between our three companies allowed us to expand our production range and to cooperate internally in order to improve our designs and to be always updated in the different fields of application.

Battaggion company in the late 30’s of the 20th century.

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