The long experience of Molteni finds application in the chemical, cosmetic, food, pharmaceutical sectors, as well as in many more.

The  Molteni brand, worldwide known and recognized since over fifty years, is specialized in the design and the manufacture of vertical and planetary mixers, dissolvers, agitators, triple roll mills, bead mills as well as in the design of complete plants.

The Molteni mixers allow to process all products which, due to their viscosity, density, thixotropy and sensitivity to the temperature, can not be treated through the traditional dispersion and mixing systems.

Thanks to the technical improvement of its plants and to the continuous attention to meet  the Customers’ requirements, Molteni has become worldwide one of the leading brands in the mixing sector.

The Molteni know-how allows also the realization of particularly complicated plants.

The advanced technology of the Molteni mixing machines, with the integration of all ancillary equipment composing the requested production line, guarantees the realization of highly performing and innovative mixing systems, according to the Customers’ requirements and to the new market needs.

In 2011 Battaggion acquired the right of using the Molteni brand and it is continuing the whole management and the daily business of Molteni, keeping the production site in Senago (Milan – Italy).

Thanks to this acquisition, Battaggion has increased the specialization and the range of its market applications and it has enlarged its presence and position in the mixing sector, supplying systems for processing the most different products.

Part of BATTAGGION GROUP is also the Company VALTORTA.

The technical, financial and commercial synergies of BATTAGGION, with MOLTENI BRAND, and  VALTORTA Company, enable a continuous development and reinforcement of the BATTAGGION Group in the mixing technology, adapting the production to the Customers’ future needs.

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