Planetary Mixers


Planetary Mixer, with double shaft and butterfly blades

The MOLTENI PLANETARY MIXERS guarantee high mixing quality results with all those products which can not be processed by standard mixers and dispersers, due to their viscosity, density, thixotropy and temperature limitations. The selected profiles of the different mixing blades which can be installed on the Molteni planetary mixers, their set-up and rotation speed, enable the execution of specific process requirements. The planetary mixers are the most suitable mixers for heavy, high viscosity or thixotropic products, providing a thorough mixing action without reaching too high temperatures. Two mixing tools and a side scraper, rotate in a planetary motion around the tank. These mixing tools can be supplied with winged or triple blades to meet the product characteristics. Whenever required by the specific product to be processed, it is also possible to add to the available mixing blades set-ups, a high speed disperser, with a planetary motion.

The adjustable speed transmission, either mechanically driven through a VFD (type RE) or hydraulically driven (type RH), provides always the necessary values of power and torque, apt to meet the required performances. The electronic control of the required power is a standard feature of the mechanically driven MOLTENI PLANETARY MIXERS, optimising production time and power saving (optional on hydraulically driven machines). The PLC controls allow the machine management as a stand alone unit or as one of the machines to be linked to a main DCS / PC system which controls the whole production facility into which the Molteni planetary mixer is installed. The vacuum execution option eliminates  the air in the product. ATEX explosion proof EEx-d execution is available for hazardous working areas.

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