HMDV Mixers


One shaft mixer double column

The HMDV MOLTENI MIXERS introduce a new working system in the mixing of high viscosity products (up to 6.000.000 cps). With the new HMDV technology, the rotation and revolution motions of the standard planetary mixing blades are replaced by the rotation and the vertical oscillation of a single shaft with a large mixing impeller. Thanks to this solution it is possible to involve all the product contained into the mixing tank with only  few vertical alternative movements of the impeller. The mixer shaft transfers the rotation movement to the impeller which has the same diameter of the vessel. Therefore the impeller works also as side scraper. This system assures a perfect homogenization and a much faster powder mixing than the traditional systems though the product, due to a high viscosity, does not have a regular flow. The whole mixing process can be carried out under vacuum and the impeller goes out from the product, keeping always a vacuum condition into the mixing vessel. This allows at the end of the process to have: A flat product surface inside the tank No air at all into the product during the handling of the vessel inside the production facilities

EMDV 1000 SV with electromechanical drive
HMDV 1000 SV with oleo-dynamic drive

Both models are controlled by a PLC system and, upon need, by a PC, for a complete automatic integration of the HMDV / EMDV into complete plants. It is also available the HMDV-S / EMDV-S model (Extruder Mixer), with capacities up to 2500 litres, which enables the product discharge while the machine cover is closed and with vacuum conditions inside the mixing vessel. At the end of the mixing batch, the impeller is inserted into a slot machined directly into the cover; at the same time the bottom of the vessel works as a pressing plate and, driven by a hydraulic piston, conveys the product through the discharge outlet which is placed on the mixer cover itself. The HMDV-S / EMDV-S are mainly used for massive productions  of single products and, because of this, they need to be connected to automatic feeding systems both for powders and for liquids. The PLC controls allow the machine management as a stand-alone unit or as one of the machines to be linked to a main DCS / PC system which controls the whole production facility into which the Molteni mixer is installed ATEX explosion proof (EEx-d) execution is available for hazardous working areas.

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