Ancillary equipments


Fixed extruder press for movable vessel with vessel lifting device

The EXTRUDER PRESSES are necessary units to be integrated to Mixers with movable tank in order to process high viscosity products.

Our range of Machines includes also presses up to 300 tons of capacity for a pressure on the product of 20 bar. A specific seal system for the pressing plate enables to solve any type of problem.

The integrated system for the vessel lifting allows to align the height of discharge to the standard filling lines used on the market. Transferring units can be integrated to extruder presses to  increase their performance.

Movable presses to be coupled directly to the tanks are suitable to process low viscosity thixotropic products.


SELF-CLEANING FILTERS-METAL BASKETS,  provided with rotary scrapers, allow to filter great volumes of high viscosity products.

The application of bypass systems enables to check and to effect the maintenance on the filters without interrupting the product flow.

Vacuum filters can be installed directly on the collecting tanks, where the vacuum is applied.

The product, sucked by the filter, makes some micro filaments which, in a vacuum environment, enable the break  and the removal of the air bubbles. In this way, in addition to the filtration, a deaeration effect is provided too.

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